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Help Me: Epilogue
I had screamed and screamed, yelling at no one but the sky. My voice echoed, bouncing off the walls of the canyon. The gun that Eric had used was in my hand, pointed upward as if I could kill God himself. I shot the gun a couple of times uselessly.
I was useless. I could never do anything.
But then again, I did kill Eric, the immortal vampire. I had done what I originally wanted, but now I felt empty. If I had kept Eric alive.
No. I couldn't have looked at him again after what he had done to James. Besides, Eric had wanted to die. I wouldn't have been able to live with him.
But another idea occurred to me. If I could kill Eric. . .  I pressed the barrel of the gun against my temple and pulled the trigger.
Of course it didn't work. After a few moments of blissful unawareness, I woke to a throbbing headache.
I went back home. I couldn't take the bodies with me, so I had to leave them there. I couldn't look at them, anyway.
My old home did
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Help Me: Chapter 62: Gone
Chapter 62
"He's gone."
I didn't say anything. I couldn't believe these idiots left James alone! I bolted to the back door, pushing it open without breaking stride. Outside, there was a small campfire and the snow was marred with foot prints. One set led into the woods. I sprinted after them. "JAMES!" He was not going to get away from me.
I ran and ran, my feet aching slightly. The tracks seemed to go on forever. I didn't know if this was a good thing or not. It meant he was still alive at this point, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to catch up to him. My breath came out in gasps and the pain in my feet suddenly gave way, leaving behind a tingling numbness. Looking down, I saw they were bleeding. It seemed strangely perfect - a vampire's bloody footprints following the trail of mortal ones.
I tripped, and realized I would have to slow down or risk running myself into the ground. Almost against my volition, my steps slowed down i
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Help Me: Chapter 61: To Kill a Wolf
Chapter 61
To Kill a Wolf
It took forever, but I eventually got my friends to leave me alone. Being an asshole could do that. I sat alone in the bedroom on the chair, eyeing the piercing which I had dropped onto the floor. It was so small, such a small piece of metal.
I could swallow it. It would burn, but maybe the poison would be able to get into my system. I picked it up by its black stone, a wave of nausea churning my stomach. I just had to drop it into my mouth and ignore the dizziness that the stupid thing gave me. Just drop it.
I tilted my head back, closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Suddenly I felt something in my throat catch, and before I could do anything, I doubled over, vomiting up pieces of what was probably Damien, or An–
"James? Are you okay?" Sam opened the door. "Matt told you that you shouldn't be drinking. Don't worry about it. I'll clean it up. Come on, go wipe your face in the bathroom."
I did so wordle
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Help Me: Chapter 60: Home
Chapter 60
Finding James had never been so stressful. Last time when I was looking for him, I was so scared. I was afraid of being alone. I was afraid of what might have happened to him. I was afraid of what may happen in the future. Then, I didn't know anything. I didn't know why James had disappeared.
Now I knew why.
"I . . . can't kill you. Anyone but you. I'd shoot myself dead if you died because of me. I wouldn't be able to live anymore."
He was planning on killing himself.
I was lucky that very few things could kill a werewolf, but there weren't few enough. It would be so easy for James to find silver.
But it wasn't how James would kill himself that I needed to know. It was where he would do it.
Once I was free of Eric, I started to fly out of the city. I was no expert flyer, as you can imagine. To tell the truth, I'd never really liked heights to begin with. I probably wouldn't have been able to fly so high if I wa
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Help Me: Chapter: 59: To Break Your Heart
Chapter 59
To Break Your Heart
I was weightless, floating in endless whiteness. It was bright and I had trouble opening my eyes. My head hurt, and I realized that there was something hard against it and at my back. Something was floating around me. For a terrifying second I thought I was floating in blood, and I forced my eyes open.
I was blinded by white. My arms were heavy, but I lifted them up to try to look at them. They were wet, but clean, not covered in blood.
I was wearing a strange silk robe that I had never seen before. It looked like it might have been white at one point, but right now it was stained pink. I put my arms back down into the water, and tried to push myself up, but the water in my hair weighed me down, and my only reward for my trouble was a sudden headache.
"Shh," a low voice murmured, the water sloshing around me. "Hold still." A damp cloth brushed gently across my face. I turned my head a little and I saw E
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Help Me: Chapter 58: Sin
Chapter 58
I was aware of pain. I was aware of blood. I was aware of food and I was aware of my own frustration. I was even aware that I was doing something wrong, but it was so weak. Like you're vaguely aware that it's the law to have your seatbelt on and you don't really care.
What I wasn't aware of was Anna. I wasn't aware of her at all. I hardly even remembered who she was, let alone knew it was her that was underneath me. It was just prey. Just food.
Blood and flesh in my mouth, swallowing it down, this was what I had always done. I kill, eat, live. It was simple, the way I lived. Avoid pain when possible and continued to live. Instincts.
Something burned my lips and I pulled away with a yelp. Rubbing my muzzle with my paws, I tried to think what could have hurt me. It was dead. It shouldn't be able to hurt me anymore.
I saw a glint of metal, that metal that made me sick, that could hurt me. I couldn't see very well,
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Against The Wall by DYMx
Mature content
Against The Wall :icondymx:DYMx 897 78
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Strip Poker :iconthe-silverware:the-silverware 1,107 186


I don't know... he's either laughing or embarrassed about something I don't know what. I just wanted to draw a chest.
Sasuke uchiha
Because I realized I'm really bad at drawing Sasuke. Especially the hair. I don't think I'll ever be able to    
I ain't scared of living
I know I've said this before but F*** anime hair. My fine art teachings go so against it. I have to remember to go back and make more solid lines constantly, because to me, hair should be drawn with freedom. No freedom in anime hair. Maybe I should look to see how other artists do it, since I can't draw straight lines.

I've been listening to a lot of Eden. And rewatching the Naruto anime and everything seems so much sadder the second time around. It shouldn't right? SInce I know what's going to happened. Maybe I understand the characters better and that's why it's sadder? Like Itachi's story. Honestly, I've never been an Itachi fangirl. Shrug But his story IS sad.

And Naruto always breaks my heart. I don't even know why!Sobbing - NaNoEmo14 Day 22 
Because You Guys Are Everything
There was more to this but then I made a mistake and photoshop wouldn't let me go back far enough and I got tired. I'll finish the other parts later
Confessions of a Queen and Her Knight Chapter 52
I started this forever ago when I was writing fanfiction... cough cough. ANd then it became a mess so I gave up on it. So year and a half later, I made it more into a mess.

Rereading the story I realized Link's not supposed to have his tunic on, as he had taken it off to try to bind Zelda's wound. Oops. Not paying attention. Even though I wrote the thing.

Here's a link to the story.…
 It's gonna be a while until you get to chapter 52 lol

I know this still isn't finished, but if I don't post it, I'll forget it exists. I tend to update images 


Jacqueline Michelle Goertz
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I really love fantasy and have a few obsessions with anime and video games. The only thing I love more and have since I can remember are horses. Horses make everything better. But sadly I can't afford one so I make art and live in my fantasy world.

Current Residence: My desk chair; My Studio
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Um...Small?
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Favourite genre of music: Alternate Rock
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Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: Well... it got stolen... so...
Shell of choice: Purple ones
Wallpaper of choice: Is Zelda on it?
Skin of choice: Mine is pretty good
Favourite cartoon character: I don't even know anymore. I liked Avatar the Last Airbender, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto. Because of all the characters.
Personal Quote: I'm invinciable until proven otherwise
  • Listening to: "Shout" The Who
  • Reading: The Count of Monti Cristo
  • Watching: Narcos
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
  • Eating: Off brand rice cripsies
  • Drinking: Margareta beer
So I found the video I had originally made with the water bottles pictures on a blog I had the same year.…

Pretty dumb...


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